May/June 2022


10 THE SEWING ROOM - Emily Jo Gibbs

Where you make can hold as much significance as what you create in the case of Emily Jo Gibbs, who makes at the kitchen table

12 FIRST PERSON – Fran Buxton

Inspired by the idea of perfection in imperfection, Fran Buxton works with found objects that hint at personal stories

14 MAKING MEANING – Anne Kelly

Anne Kelly’s work blends folk art with travelogue – we take a peek inside her studio and find out about some of her favourite things


Celia Pym has built a practice around mending that bears witness to the personal and the public

24 FIGURING IT OUT – Julie Arkell

A curiosity for words and a lifelong love of making are the driving forces behind Julie Arkell’s collection of creatures

30 CHOREOGRAPHING THE NEEDLE - Michael Brennand-Wood

We catch up with Michael Brennand-Wood, one of the most respected artists working in textiles today, as he looks back over his practice.

36 MECHANICAL MAGIC - Will Cruikshank

Will Cruikshank has harnessed the kinetic energy of experimental machinery to create a series of unique textile hangings and sculptures

42 STITCHING SCIENCE - Lindsay Olson

Science merges with art as Lindsay Olson stitched the life and sounds hidden within our oceans as resident artist on a scientific project

44 DOUBLE TAKE - Alicja Kozłowska

Meet Alicja Kozłowska whose machine embroidery stitches brings everyday objects to life with startling accuracy


Discover the charm of the sailors’ woolworks within Compton Verney’s unique collection of folk art