July/August 2021

from the editor

TIMING, they say, is everything in life. As is the nature of publishing schedules, I’m writing this in early June, when we are slightly out of lockdown in England but large scale public events have not been given the green light. Do you remember carefree days out to craft and textile shows? Spur of the moment visits to an exhibition, craft centre or gallery cafe?

Just the idea of it sparks a real sense of joy. Yes, there is trepidation too. The pandemic’s course is still uncertain in this country (and tragically it still rages in parts the world) and the future is far from predictable, but we have heard so muchabout resilience over the last year, that I am ready for some joy. Maybe it’s because the days have tipped from cold rain into glorious sunshine that the idea of greater freedom is so tantalising. But it’s also prompted by reading about how many of our featured artists have tuned into their inner selves in order to identify what brings them a real sense of joy in their life. For me that has always involved travel (even around the UK) and discovering artists’ studios, creative places and exhibitions. However, unlike the ‘before’ times, my pace will be slower and a touch more ‘curated’, but also driven by a deep appreciation of the utter privilege of being able to do and see so much that, albeit unintentionally, we might have taken for granted previously. Stay safe but remember this season, wherever you are, to look for the joy.


A selection of work from our July/August 2021 issue

Michelle Holmes, Material Tenderness.
Photo: Terry Davies  ©Michelle Holmes

Amanda McCavour in her studio.

Deborah Simon, Flayed Rabbit: Albino with Cells (detail).
Photo: Dan Wonderly  © Deborah Simon.

Nneka Jones, Yellow Light.
Photo: Nneka Jones @artyouhungry

Ai Kijima,Burn It Up.
Photo: David Ettinger  © Ai Kijima

Meghan Willis, Greenspace.
©Meghan Willis

Sherri Lynn Wood, Swell.
© Sherri Lynn Wood

Lora Avedian, embroidery of a chrysanthemum, from Stitch in Bloom, published by Hardie Grant.
Photo: Matt Russell