January/February 2023

Our featured artists for January/December are:

  • On the cover we feature passementerie (meaning trimmings of all kinds) by Libby Ashdown, who has single-handedly brought this ancient craft into focus and repurposed it for modern day life.
  • Further fabulous hues can be seen in Kate Tume’s new range of work, which focuses on death masks, allowing the artist to express her grief for her husband.
  • Meanwhile, Liz Cooksey is so pleased to leave kitchen-table making behind and head for a room of her own where everything is ordered and nothing is disturbed.
  • We profile Pippa Haynes of Lemon Pepper Studio whose beautiful artworks and kits are inextricably linked to the seasons.
  • We have a fresh talent section for you too, featuring some exciting textile artists, while experienced hand Anne Kelly tells us about her new works.
  • From New Zealand, we feature Victoria McIntosh who creates art out of rather industrial women’s underwear, while also from further afield, Raquel Rodrigo tells us how she got involved in cross stitch as street art.
  • Woo Jin Joo is a name many will know as she scooped the FATA prize. Woo Jin answers some questions about her works on the Korean ‘Dokkaebi’ or goblin.
  • Meanwhile, American artist Robin McCarthy is a name you may not know but it is certainly one you should do as the artist deals with the big issues of the day, such as racism and gun crime.
  • In First Person, Sally Spinks captivates with her Random Acts of Kindness series, while fine artist Joy Pitts revels in using recycled labels to create art.
  • Last but not least, Ukrainian artist Anastasiia Podervianska describes what it’s like being an artist in Kyiv at the moment.


A selection of work from our January/February 2023 issue:

Beachcombing by Liz Cooksey
© Liz Cooksey

Amazon Bird by Anne Kelly
Detail from Amazon Bird Tree, where the artist recycled coffee bean bags and hessian shopping bags to great effect. © Anne Kelly

Long Loop by Elizabeth Ashdown
Libby Ashdown is saving the ancient art and craft of passementerie by making it relevant to modern life.
Giraffe in Hawaii by Ella Kearvell
Giraffe in Hawaii sporting an African print shirt and flower garland