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January February 2021

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from the editor

Little could Claire Wellesley-Smith have foreseen how relevant her latest book Resilient Stitch Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art would be after a year of uncertainty and disconnection. Claire’s practice is rooted in slow craft, heritage and community, and she first began considering the word ‘resilience’ back in 2010. Words are important to several of our featured artists. Even after several career changes, words still remain fascinating to Willemien de Villiers. As an author, they were tools of the trade; her training in printed textiles alerted her to their visual patterns; as an artist she considers their meanings, intent and impact. As does Daniel Fountain. We glean how language can be healing or toxic; the currency of personal narratives and of myth. Elizabeth Loveday’s practice is not only steeped in the wildness of her native Cornwall but the language of its legends and festivals. Stories, histories and words also underpin the sharp observation and keen wit evident in Paddy Killer’s artworks. Both the Norwegian artist Kristine Fornes and British artist and tutor Louise Baldwin are intrigued by the stories they find close to home, but their work is none the less powerful for it. And then there is our small team of writers; each one brings considerable talent and integrity to their writing and the process of getting them beneath the surface of what makes these fascinating artists tick. It would not have bene possible to carry on in recent times without them, and I appreciate each and every one, as I do the courage of our featured artists.